Seven people have begun an experiment in co-living in Haliburton, Canada. They are transforming an inn and marina called the Oakview Lodge into a shared home that offers private space as well as a common kitchen, dining room, and living areas. This pioneering venture is an experiment in a lifestyle that some experts believe could help alleviate two urban affliction: the high cost of living and social isolation that is especially prevalent among seniors. “It’s about building a really good living situation and enjoying life to the fullest as a group rather than just doing it all independently. If you want to do something by yourself, there’s space to do that too,” said Grethe Jensen, the only single member of the founding community. At least in part, the desire to create a community like this emerged from the isolation of the pandemic lockdowns for some of the community’s founders. The lodge’s website spells out the broad common ground on which the community is being build – “Personal and environmental health, affordability, and sustainability.”

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