Wasting water has bothered Buzz Boettcher for years. "I've done a lot of offshore sailing and racing over the years, and it didn't make sense that ten people could live on a boat for 15 days out in the ocean and survive on 200 gallons of water, and you come ashore, and you use 20,000 gallons a month." That's what led him to build a system at the Santa Monica Pico branch library that collects rain water from the roof and uses it to flush toilets. It takes just two inches of rain to completely fill the tank but that much rainfall is rare in Southern California, so some of his systems actually recycle water. The Eataly store in Century City takes all of the water that goes through the sink drains in the restrooms and reuses it to flush toilets and water the rooftop planters. "It doesn't make sense to use nice, clean, potable water to flush toilets,” Boettcher says. “Talk about good water going after bad."

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