Jo Ingabire Moys was a child when her father, two of his children and a cousin were shot during the 1994 Rwandan genocide; she, two other siblings and her mother survived, with help from their 14-year-old Hutu neighbour. Her film, Bazigaga, which is nominated for a British Academy of Film and Television Arts award, follows a Tutsi pastor and his young daughter who shelter with a feared Hutu shaman, Bazigaga. It was inspired by the true story of Zura Karuhimbi, a Hutu woman, who saved more than 100 people during the genocide, and pays homage to the Rwandan women who saved many lives, including hers. The film was made in 2020 on Réunion island but the dialogue is in Kinyarwanda, one of Rwanda’s main languages, and the cast are from the diaspora.

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