Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are sending money, 700 blankets and 200 jackets to earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria, to be delivered by the Turkish development agency, Tika. "When we saw the families being saved from the rubble, parents who lost their loved ones, little babies who lost their parents, people struggling for food and shelter, we felt the same pain as our own situation in 2017 after our homes were burnt by the Myanmar military," said photographer Sahat Zia Hero, who helped organize the donations. He said many remembered that Turkish charities were some of the first to help the Rohingya as they fled the massacres in 2017. Amina Khatoun, 56, sold a gold bracelet kept for emergencies. The money raised bought boxes of food, clothes, blankets and baby food. "The people of Turkey stood with us whenever we faced an emergency,' she said. "Turkey has built hospitals in the Bangladesh refugee camps."

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