Could this be the definition for the museum of the future? Imagine a museum that is "more about how people see history, how people see each other, how people see themselves … and also how they want to present themselves and their history and their experiences and their thoughts". Well, it's already happening in Manchester, UK. By forming a 30-member community collective of educators, students, musicians and more to get involved with the project from start to finish, The Manchester Museum made the bold choice of allowing stories to be told not by outsiders, but by those who are living them, and with a deep, personal sense of pride. From the history of queer spaces for people of color, to the long journey of a Cartier broach, presented alongside stories from Gandhi's visit to the nearby town of Darwin and narratives about female leaders, the new South Asia gallery honors the past, emphasizes the present, and offers a new perspective for the future by tapping into the personal experience of those who have helped shape it. This is so much more than a gallery of collected stories. It is an example of how, by learning from the past, we can step into our power and shape the future.

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