Twice a week, 61-year-old Darío Chacón delivers a live news program through a public address system to the audience in the street below in Barrio La Cruz, an impoverished neighborhood in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. It is one of several such programs that have been reporting and presenting the news since 2017. With independent voices silenced by the government, Caracas journalists came up with “El Bus TV,” which now covers dozens of routes in at least seven cities. Anchors jump onto buses with television-shaped cardboard boxes to read news to passengers. The concept expanded to “La Parada” -- Spanish for "bus stop" -- for stationary presentations such as Chacón’s. A more recent addition is “El Cafecito,” in collaboration with local coffee shops, aimed at gathering people around the reporter and creating the space for discussion to follow, cups of coffee in hand. The team is planning to build an agency to redistribute content.

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