Walt Disney Pictures recently released a trailer for its new film Peter Pan & Wendy, featuring Alyssa Wapanatâhk, of the Bigstone Cree Nation. In the update of the 1953 animated classic, Wapanatâhk plays Tiger Lily, a warrior princess of Neverland’s Indigenous tribe and the daughter of the tribe’s chief. The filmmakers said they went to great lengths to ensure the authenticity and properly appropriate how the Indigenous tribe was depicted in Peter Pan & Wendy. Wapanatâhk’s Cree heritage provided inspiration for the character and her people in the film to ensure they are grounded in authenticity and specificity, the filmmakers said. “The filmmakers were looking for somebody who was obviously authentic (and) who actually comes from Native lineage — somebody who's actually Indigenous,” Wapanatâhk said. “They wanted to correct things to make things right. When I saw that, that was like a really big point for me, I realized I wanted to be part of this. I want to help out and be that person to help correct this thing that's going on in the world.” The film will be released in April, 2023.

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