Eight-year-old Kayzen Hunter is a little boy with a huge heart. He and his family have a regular ritual of breakfast at a local Waffle House restaurant and Kayzen has become friends with waiter Devonte Gardner. As the boy got to know Gardner better, he realized "he's just really a light in the world." He also learned that Gardner was married and had two young daughters, and that the family had been living in dangerous conditions. Gardner had moved his family out of an apartment that had rodent infestations and black mold issues and into a motel; he was also looking to buy a car as he was having to walk miles each way to work. After learning that, Hunter said, "Hey, Mom, Devonte walks or gets a ride to work and I'm gonna start a GoFundMe." Hunter had to ask his mom a few times before she agreed to take the plunge. The initial idea was to raise $5,000, enough for Gardner to get a car. Thus far, the GoFundMe has raised $100,000 for the family. Gardner and his family are about to move into a two-bedroom apartment, and he will be looking for a car. He plans to save the rest of the money for his young daughters. About Hunter, Gardner said, "He's a positive young kid. He has a very huge heart, and I'm thankful he came into my life."

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