At first glance, it is a house like dozens of others in the crowded favelas of Brazil. But this seemingly modest dwelling with its exposed brick walls, has just been recognized as the "house of the year" in an international architecture competition. The two-story structure honored by specialized website ArchDaily belongs to Kdu dos Anjos, a 32-year-old artist living in the bustling Aglomerado da Serra favela. ArchDaily preferred the house to other worthy entries from India, Mexico, Vietnam and Germany, because the design represents a constructive model using common materials in the slums, "with an adequate implementation and attention to lighting and ventilation, resulting in a space with great environmental quality." Dos Anjos, who founded a cultural center in his community, and has been living in the house since 2020, along with two dogs, a cat and more than 60 plants, feels "on top of the world"! "I'm very proud that my house won this prize, because most of the news about the favelas talks of violence and homes destroyed by landslides," he said.

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