Humble Design, a nonprofit furnishing homes for people emerging from homelessness, started in 2009 when its founder Treger Strasberg met a friend who had been sleeping in a homeless shelter. As she helped her friend find a house, Strasberg soon realised that housing was just the first step on an arduous journey. She got in touch with friends and neighbors to ask for any furniture they didn’t need and soon donations of everything from beds and linens to furniture started coming. Since then, Humble Design has blossomed from storing donations in Strasberg’s garage to warehouses in five cities from Chicago to San Diego. To date, it has furnished over 2,600 homes and facilitated the donation of more than 8 million pounds of furniture. There is no charge, and homeless shelter caseworkers love working with the non-profit. “Humble Design is built on changing the narrative in the charity and homeless sector to start with dignity and end with dignity,” Strasberg says. “When it was founded with my friend, we furnished her home with all the things she wanted to see in her home. I treated her like a design client and that has not changed at all.”

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