In the city of Graz in Austria, small classical concerts are being held in nursing homes as a new feature. In order to give a “resonating” experience, four individual programs, each one hour long, have been custom-made for each of the nursing homes, and are performed by musicians selected by the non-profit organization, Verein Live Music Now -- Styria. The city officials’ goal is to use the “regenerative psychological effects” of music, especially those that the residents are familiar with, to enhance the therapeutic aspect of nursing homes, thereby improving the residents’ quality of life and well-being. Furthermore, according to several studies, familiar music can have profound effects on patients with dementia, and even bring back “some moments of clarity” for them. Another benefit of this feature is to allow people who may no longer have the opportunity to go to concerts to experience live music, giving them a variety of activities and a sense of care.

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