“The land tells us our dreaming [lineage], tells us where we belong,” he says. “I am a gamalede [custodian], so I look after our stories.” This is what Bundy says, representing Aboriginal people, and in doing so, preserving their heritage. He is part of an initiative in Western Australia where local villages receive funding to showcase their knowledge and heritage to visitors. After a long suppression of Aboriginal culture, where the Australian government forcibly removed as many as 1 in 3 Aboriginal children from their homes and communities from 1905 to 1970, the scheme helps rekindle knowledge of past customs. Tour guide Rosanna Angus remarks, “When we bring someone new to our land, we do a welcome ceremony. We shout out to our grandfathers and say ‘hey, I’m bringing these people to you, they’ve come from far and wide and bring good liyan [spirit], rest easy’."

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