Some of the 700 million to 2 billion parking places in the US are being used to solve housing shortages. In Charlotte, North Carolina, a development built at a former office park repurposed the parking lots for new housing. In West Los Angeles, an underused city-owned parking lot has been turned into apartments for low-income or homeless seniors, and a tiny, underutilized parking lot in Honolulu’s Kaka’ako neighborhood now is a 16-story high-rise providing affordable housing. In Rochester, New York, an entire downtown block will be replaced by a five-story affordable apartment building for low income or homeless residents. In the Seattle suburb of Shoreline, a former mall is being converted to a walkable new neighborhood with stores, restaurants, 1,300 housing units, and new community space. In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, a modular building will soon be assembled at a tight parking lot squeezed between two other buildings.

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