Israel’s Eco Wave Power, which harnesses clean energy from waves using floaters attached to piers, breakwaters and jetties, will sell electricity to Israel’s power grid. Once connected to the Israeli National Electric Company’s wave-powered energy station in Tel Aviv’s Jaffa port, it will mark the first time wave-powered energy will provide electricity to Israeli households. Inna Braverman, who was born in Ukraine two weeks after the Chernobyl nuclear explosion and suffered a respiratory arrest from polluted air, founded Eco Wave in 2011, aged 24, to provide people with access to electricity near their homes without creating air pollution. Separately, Eco Wave said it will begin installing its technology at AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles, “believed to be the first-ever onshore wave energy station” in the US. The company also holds concession agreements for commercial installations in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, and other locations.

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