Soon after Collin Doran purchased the Homemade Café in Berkeley, California, US, he noticed homeless people would sometimes stand outside of his restaurant and ask customers for money or food. It pained him to see them go hungry, so he came up with a plan: He'd give anyone in need a free two-egg breakfast with the works, no questions asked. "Instead of ushering people away, I told them, 'If you're hungry, let us know and we'll feed you,'" said Doran. "Right away, people started taking me up on it." Twelve years and thousands of free breakfasts later, his offer still stands. But now, Doran's customers are also chipping in to keep the free breakfasts coming and on days when they run of out of sponsored free breakfasts, they keep serving meals anyway. "My belief is that society is only as good as its poorest person. To me food is love. I feel good when I go home at night, knowing I helped provide a meal to somebody who needed one. Everyone deserves to eat," Doran said.

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