A Toronto hospital has incorporated Indigenous healing practices into their electronic medical record systems so doctors and nurses can now refer First Nations, Inuit and Metis patients to traditional healers for follow-up care. It is part of creating an inclusive and safe space for Indigenous patients and their families at Womens College Hospital. "The minute somebody walks in, they see the Indigenous artwork that's in the lobby," says Christine Monague, indigenous peer support and relations advocate. Smudging kits of sage and sweetgrass are available and clinical teams are trained in how to support patients who want to access the kits."We all tend to the heart of the fire," says Kawennanoron Cynthia White, Elder-in-Residence and Traditional Healer. "That's the essence of the center because we are bringing spirit back into health care." White, who has been doing ceremonial work for almost 30 years, says her work with patients can involve their physical health but can also focus on mental health. For many patients, grieving ceremonies are an important part of their hospital care, she says.

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