Dallas-based wedding dress designer Lovell Cox has given the Old English saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” a new meaning by reconstructing old family wedding dresses into modern, custom-made gowns for her clients. Captivated from an early age by the grandeur and the meaning behind weddings, Cox realized she had found an untapped market in the industry when some of her recreations went viral on Instagram, so she expanded her company to offer reconstruction services that repurpose old wedding dresses. Brides have reached out to Cox on social media asking if she could work her magic on their hand-me-down gowns from relatives and she was even able to create a special wedding dress for her cousin -- a moment they will both cherish forever. “All of my brides have been so excited to see the design process of their heirloom wedding dress being reconstructed. I get to turn their ‘something old’ into ‘something new,’” Cox told Nice News.

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