World-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma recently concluded his five-year, six-continent global tour called the Bach Project in Nairobi, Kenya. There, he surprised the audience with a busking performance alongside Kenyan percussionist Kasiva Mutua. Yo-Yo Ma aimed to connect cultures and people by performing Johann Sebastian Bach's cello suites in 36 countries, bridging gaps and introducing classical music to diverse audiences. Beyond busking, Yo-Yo Ma held a sold-out concert at the Kenya national theater, where he celebrated ordinary people and engaged with local communities during a "day of action." He visited a music program for disadvantaged children, a record store collecting Kenyan music, and collaborated with artists from various African countries, including a performance in a refugee camp. Ma's work increasingly emphasizes social impact, using music to protest, provide comfort during challenging times, and connect diverse cultures worldwide. The Bach Project's conclusion in Nairobi marks another significant milestone in his journey as a musician and cultural ambassador.

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