When it arrived in Bodhanivka, Ukraine, there was a cuddly toy on each seat in the school bus sent by Belgian students who had raised €50,000 to buy it. Disturbed that the Bodhanivka school, which served 450 students and 50 kindergartners in a suburb of Kyiv, Ukraine's capital, had been destroyed by Russian shelling, the students set out to help. Charlie and Diego, students at The British School of Brussels, and four others from schools around Belgium, learned that with a bus, the students could attend schools in three neighboring villages. "We are the 'Covid Generation,' so we know what it is to be confined and isolated to do home schooling," said Diego and Charlie. "We go to school every day by public transportation, by car, by school bus, by bike or walking…but at least we have a way to get there. We all felt that we had to do something. We had to find time in our busy lives to help these students in need. "

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