After long, arduous struggles since childhood, Jason Arday, the youngest Black professor appointed at Cambridge University, is now doing everything he can to open doors for fellow Blacks and other minority groups. At the age of three, Arday was diagnosed with autism and global developmental delay. He spoke for the first time when he was 11. It was not until the age of 18 when he started reading and writing. Despite having encountered numerous setbacks, skeptics, and pressures from the outside world, Arday learned how to navigate through life with neurodivergence and worked hard to climb the academic ladder. Arday had full support from his mother and college sports lecturer, Sandro Sandr. He also believed that he will achieve something great one day. “I had a mantra I used to say to myself: ‘It won’t always be like this,’” Arday says as he reflected on the toughest days that he endured.

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