In the city of Houston, Texas, U.S., the world's largest freestanding sundial is on track to stand cased in photovoltaics that generate green energy for the local community. Designed by Berlin-based artist architect Riccardo Mariano, the 100-foot-tall arching sundial is named Acro del Tiempo (Arch of Time), and will be installed in Houston's East End in 2024. As a time-measuring device, the art piece will engage pedestrians at its Guadalupe Plaza Park with a dazzling light display every hour. "This unique artwork is more than a sculpture. It is a renewable energy power plant. It is a monument to a new era of energy,” Mayor Sylvester Turner said, according to InceptiveMind. "We are inspired by the vision and creative thinking. Marrying clean energy, the built environment, and truly World Class art in Houston." The artwork is estimated to generated over 12 million kilowatt hours of clean, renewable energy -- which is equal to removing 8,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide -- in the course of its lifetime.

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