Electrify2515 is a grassroots pilot project generated by committed locals living within the 2515 postcode, just south of Sydney, Australia. Their big vision is to swap out all the household machines that run on fossil fuels – from gas stoves to combustion vehicles – and replace them with electric alternatives run on renewable energy. “Our vision is to bring forward what the future would potentially look like. This is something that can be achieved right now,” said Kristen McDonald, one of Electrify2515’s community leaders. She continued, “We don’t need to wait for any kind of major changes. We could implement these ideas instantaneously, and they will have instantaneous benefits for communities. And if we can do it here, then hopefully we can show that it can be done elsewhere in Australia.” They have calculated that their community of 11,000 people could potentially save $20 million if they swap all their fossil fuel appliances for electric ones. They are gathering momentum and applying for the funding to support the effort.

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