In April, a two-year-old pup missing both hind legs from a car accident was found in Mexico by The Animal Pad, a dog rescue service. The dog, ignored by its owner, was in a bad condition with a swollen face from dog bites and an infestation of ticks and maggots. After she got rescued, she was given a name, Bunny, and was sent to Shelter to Soldier, a special care unit for dogs, in California. After getting a blood transfusion at a specialty vet hospital, Bunny underwent a successful surgery on May 1st. Henry Friedman, a dog rescuer who also helped spread Bunny’s story on social media, was inspired by a comment on one of Bunny’s Instagram posts and decided to reach out to Mercedes Benz to create the best custom wheelchair for Bunny. “Bunny deserves the best,” said Friedman. “I pitched the idea to Mercedes, and they absolutely loved it. They agreed to hook Bunny up with a custom wheelchair.” With her new wheelchair created by a collaboration between Eddie’s wheels, a company that makes custom wheelchairs for dogs, and Mercedes Benz, Bunny now has even greater mobility and freedom.

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