As flames engulfed his Lahaina home, Frederick Shaw grabbed Munchkin, one of his five cats, but had to let go while darting through a cloud of thick smoke from the inferno engulfing the Hawaiian city. When Claire Kent returned to Lahaina the day after the fire to check on her house, she heard a loud meow from a nearby pile of debris. She took the cat with her to central Maui, where she has been staying with a friend. Seeing photos of the cat on Facebook, a neighbor said he was pretty sure he knew the owner. Ms. Kent tracked down Mr. Shaw at a shelter and texted him a photo."My brain almost exploded because I'm looking at my cat," he said. Ms. Kent drove to the shelter, carrying Munchkin in a cardboard box. "Miracles occurred that night," said the 73-year-old Navy veteran. "Finding my cat is probably the top miracle of all.

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