Meet Marissa Torres-Raby, a 19-year-old mail boat jumper in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. She's part of a long-standing tradition since 1916, not delivering mail the old boring way, but instead - jumping from moving boats and sprinting off piers! With 45 to 60 jumps a day, it's never a dull moment, from unexpected swims to delivering 42-inch flat-screen TVs. "It's such a fun, special job that I can tell stories about for the rest of my life," says Sid Pearl, another mail boat jumper. Five years on the job and he still thinks it's the coolest summer job out there. For Marissa, it's more than just a job, it's an experience that helped her develop confidence and communication skills, preparing her for the corporate world. "Bringing that joy means a lot to me, that's what motivates me to show up to work every day," echoes Ray Ames, the captain of the boat. So, are you ready to jump into your next summer adventure?

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