A 37-year-old banker is being hailed a hero after catching an Italian toddler who fell from her family’s fifth floor balcony in Turin, Italy. Mattia Aguzzi and his girlfriend were walking to a bread shop in central Turin when he heard a man yelling for help and a little girl leaning out on the ledge. “I started yelling at her to stay still and to go back inside but she didn’t hear. When I saw her fall, I stepped in the way, closed my eyes and hoped that everything was going to be for the best.” As he cushioned her, they both fell to the ground. Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni thanked Aguzzi, and Turin mayor Stefano Lo Russo called for him to be honored. But the banker said he isn’t a hero. “I did everything so naturally. I didn’t think of anything and tried to do what had to be done,” he said, joking that his extra weight helped him.

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