The Faroe Islands, in the North Atlantic Ocean north of Scotland and southeast of Iceland, has a unique way to manage tourism sustainably so the local community benefits -- the ‘Closed for Maintenance' program developed by a Danish creative agency. During weekends when the islands are closed, 100 places are available on a volunteer scheme where, in exchange for bed, board and a locally-made woolly hat, volunteers come to repair paths, build cairns, and make signs, gates and ladders. It is popular - only around 3 per cent of those who apply are accepted. Part of the vision for sustainable tourism is to balance the wellbeing of the 53,000 people who live on the islands and providing a good experience for visitors. One example is how locals host visitors for traditional Faroese meals: Heimabliðni enriches both sides, sharing local culture and locally-grown food and enjoying the company of visitors.

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