"Spain's La Escolania de Montserrat Choir, including the oldest European all-boys choir at Montserrat Abbey, is heralding a 'revolution' by allowing girls to join its ranks for the first time in over 700 years. These groundbreaking changes are providing the 'voces blancas,' or 'white voice' boys choir, some cherished time-off with their families. This tradition dating back to 1307 sees a new tune, thanks to the country's first mixed choir. The pioneering girls, amongst whose ranks is 17-year-old Mireia Espada, are set to make their singing debut at a Saturday afternoon and Sunday mass. This innovative move is also unearthing hidden music treasures long kept silent in the abbey's archives, promising a 'lifetime of work.' As Laia Quinquillá, another choir member, exclaimed, 'It's going to have repercussions for the future.'"

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