CoHousing Houston, a project started in 2017, is nearing completion. The 33-condo unit community will bring to life the vision of Lynn Morstead, a retired ExxonMobil IT project manager and its catalyst. The driving goals for Morstead starting this project were to gain in community, connection, and a more sustainable lifestyle. Cohousing originated in Denmark is the 1960’s; it’s been around for a long time in Europe and in the Northeastern US and has gained wider attention in recent years. These communities emphasize consensus-based decision-making and prioritizing relationships, connections and support. In these neighborhoods, residents have their own private homes, but they also share some spaces, such as kitchens, gardens, and lawns. They are a bit like a neighborhood with a Homeowners Association on steroids, but with less focus on regulating and more on community events like movie nights. The units in the development are mostly sold, even before it opens in 2024, showing that even in a place like Texas, US, there is an appetite for increased community and all that comes with it. “The difference in cohousing is that you’ve got a community of people who are dedicated to looking out for each other,” said Kelli Soika, a future CoHousing Houston resident.

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