Retired IT specialists Renato Zanelli crossed the finish line pulling 140 pounds of trash on an improvised sled fashioned from a slab of plastic waste but suspected it wouldn't be enough to defend his title as world champion of plogging -- a sport that combines running with trash collecting. The recent World Plogging Championship in Genoa attracted more than 70 athletes from 16 countries who spent six hours collecting points by racking up miles and vertical distance and carrying as much trash across the finish line as they can. Spanish plumber Manuel Jesus Ortega Garcia brought in 310 pounds of waste, racked up more than 16 miles and climbed 7,300 feet to win the title. Contestants collected more than 6,600 pounds of trash. "This park hasn't been this clean since the 15th century," said Genoa's ambassador for sport, Roberto Giordano.

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