In an electrifying tale of resilience, Richard Rogers from Tennessee, U.S., turned a near-death experience into a life's mission of giving others a second chance. In 1995, Rogers was hit by lightning while sleeping in a cabin where he was with a friend and his friend's two sons. As one of the boys performed CPR on his lifeless body, a harrowing storm caused rescue helicopters to be delayed two hours until they could transport him to a burn center. With remarkable luck, he survived -- along with a life-changing vow. Upon being asked by his son if he was going to die, Rogers recounted, "My prayer was, 'If you will let me live, I don't wanna live for me. I wanna live for others that I can help." When Rogers and his brother inherited a once-struggling US Stove Company from his father, who died by suicide, they turned the business around from the brink of bankruptcy. Rogers' personal journey of second chances deepened when he even defied doctors' predictions that he would never walk again. He started Just One More Foundation, which has already granted $120,000 to applicants across 17 states, fulfilling his promise to live for others. And the chain will keep on giving, Rogers tells CBS News, "What excites me is giving to someone that is going to enable themselves to give to others and basically pass it along."

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