A UK-based startup, Global OTEC, wants to revolutionize energy for tropical island nations with a century-old technology, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC). Its next generation platform, Dominque, is set to be installed in São Tomé and Príncipe by 2025. OTEC harnesses heat from surface water, heats fluids with a low-boiling point, and uses the ensuing steam to drive turbines, generating electricity 24/7. Global OTEC has found a solution to problems that have hindered widespread use: its commercial-scale OTEC flagship plant, Dominique, is modular and cost-effective with a floating barge design that requires only one single 750-meter-long cold-water pipe. “We know Dominique is a life-changer for small islands and coastal nations, and that’s why we see the pace of the project on track for success,” said CEO Dan Grech. Dominique could decarbonize 10 GW of installed diesel capacity across 32 island countries.

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