The benches outside the Great Lakes Science Center in downtown Cleveland used to be wind turbine blades. Painted by local artists, the benches were crafted by Rocky River, Ohio-based Canvus, which will install 10 more later this month. Altogether, the dozen benches reuse roughly a quarter of a single 150-foot (45-meter) wind turbine blade. While roughly 85% of turbine components can be recycled, most blades end up in landfills or are incinerated. So turbine manufacturers are working to sunset their own products sustainably, for pedestrian bridges, bike shelters, and playground equipment. Canvus clients donate the benches and planters they purchase to public spaces. Each item is a marketing vehicle for the company that donates it, displaying their brand at a school or community park for about $11 per month. Since the company started production this summer, it has sold more than 200 products.

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