The anillo verde or green ring, 30km (19 mile) of parks and cycle lanes, encircles Vitoria-Gasteiz, capital of the Basque region in northern Spain. It is a global leader in urban green policy, having pedestrianized its city center and created Spain's first network of cycle paths early in the 1990s as its population quintupled from 52,000 in 1950. The city was named 2012 European Green Capital by the European Commission and in 2019, a Global Green City by the UN. The city has been creating "superblocks", sections of the city closed to through traffic, since 2006, helping to raise the city's pedestrian areas from 31% to 71%. The city now is helping to coordinate the NetZeroCities project, a network of 53 cities in 21 European countries which aims to create a total of 112 intelligent and climate-neutral cities by 2030.

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