Hunters Point, Florida, is the world's first residential development with a LEED Zero Energy certification, meaning the community produces more electricity than it consumes. All 86 homes built or planned have 14 solar panels and 12-kilowatt-hour home batteries. William and Sueann Fulford's three-story house produces twice as much power as it uses and they haven't had a power bill yet. Their lights stayed on in 2022, when Hurricane Ian left millions without power. Streets are elevated 3.5 feet above ground level, a low-lying central park drains water off the road, living space is at least 17 feet above sea level because homes are built over a garage and walls are designed to withstand 150-mile-per-hour winds. So far, the 22 homeowners who have moved in actually use about 25% less energy than expected — and their solar panels produce 35% more power than anticipated.

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