Cyclone Freddy hit the African nation of Malawi in March, 2023, impacting over 2.2. million people and displacing around 600,000 people who sought refuge in over 700 overcrowded camps across the country. Natural disasters like Cyclone Freddy impact the ability of displaced people to access nutritious foods. To effectively respond to the impact of the cyclone, UNICEF supported the Ministry of Health in Malawi to screen 2.4 million children for acute malnutrition. They identified and treated over 25,000 children for acute malnutrition and educated almost half a million caregivers of young children on better infant and child feeding practices. Part of the training for caregivers involves using special plates, which help the caregivers know what types of foods should be given to different age groups. The spoons help the caregivers know how thick the porridge should be. “The sessions have proved essential. It has turned into an oasis for many families facing food insecurity,” said John Kadulila, a local promoter of the learning and feeding sessions. The feeding and learning sessions start to impact children’s health within about 12 days.

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