The Hawaiʻi Seaglider Initiative is uniting government, private sector, and community partners to promote awareness and adoption of the all-electric seaglider as a way to help keep island communities connected, support local businesses, and build a resilient state economy. Regent Craft will supply all-electric, zero-emission vessels designed for exclusive operation over water at up to 180 miles per hour (289 kilometers per hour). "By offering an affordable and sustainable means of transportation, seagliders aim to facilitate improved access to healthcare and employment opportunities," said Kuhio Lewis, CEO of The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement. Mokulele Airlines will make history as the world's first seaglider operator, with plans to receive a fleet of 12-passenger Viceroy all-electric seagliders by 2025. A one-way ticket from Oʻahu to Maui or Oʻahu to Kauaʻi could be as low as $30. Seagliders also can be adapted to transport cargo, including essential goods like food, between islands.

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