Amid intense fighting in Gaza, World Central Kitchen has so far provided more than 22 million meals, dispatched over 800 trucks to the area and set up 27 kitchens and over 750 clean cooking stoves, operating from its Field Kitchen in the city of Rafah. While getting aid into Gaza has been challenging, WCK’s Egypt team has dedicated trucks that are designed to set up a fully operational kitchen and start cooking for 1,845 people per day. To cope with the lack of cooking fuel, the WCK team designed clean-burning stoves that use wood pellets as fuel and fans to stoke the flames. Palestinian volunteers and chefs in the Rafah Field Kitchen are using them to cook thousands of hot meals each day. WCK has also designed ready-to-eat meal kits that can feed a family for four days at a time, and has finalized the ingredients for special boxes that will be ready for the start of Ramadan in March. ‍

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