Hermit crabs are born without shells, but they need shells to protect themselves. When humans collect shells off the beaches, they take potential homes away from these cute little crabs, which leaves the crabs with only beach trash to choose from. A man named Shawn has made it his mission to offer hermit crabs that are living in plastic bottle caps or other beach trash real homes, shells. Shawn created the crab conservation project that he calls Make The Switch 4 Nature. When he finds a hermit crab, he offers it a variety of shells to choose from and lets the crab pick their new abode. The shells he offers have been inscribed with a tracking number and a positive message; occasionally he is thrilled to see crabs in one of his shells. He encourages people to stop collecting shells from the beaches and return shells they no longer need. His advice to people: get outside, have fun and reconnect with nature.

Watch video below.