An award-winning film about Busua, a small Ghanaian fishing town that is one of the country’s surf hotspots, began when Ben Lalande and Sarah Hughen saw an old magazine article. As they focused their camera on surfers bobbing in the Atlantic, the filmmakers saw something new - the surfers were girls, who had learned to surf through Black Girls Surf. Justice Kwofie and his six brothers, who run a surf school, started the program five years ago. "I realised that in Africa the women do all the hard work,” he says. “It shouldn't be only the men on the beach and then you go home and your sisters cook for you." The teenage pregnancy rate in Busua has dropped since Obibini club - Ghana's only female surf club - was established. Lalande and Hughen's film promotes a donation page, and with support from skatewear brand Vans, Sandy Alibo and Surf Ghana have overseen the construction and opening of a new clubhouse in the town.

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