A new study done by a language tutoring platform provides fresh insights into what kind of encouragement truly resonates with us. Surveying almost 1,000 Americans, researchers found that 42% share words of support daily, largely within their intimate relationships. The key to these uplifting conversations? According to the data, simple words like "love," "trust," and "strong," hold immense power. Not to be forgotten are affirmations such as "I'm proud of you," "You've got this," and "I believe in you," which frequently top the list. However, the surveyed individuals did warn us about the cliches, with phrases like "You're an inspiration" often feeling insincere. As Sylvia Johnson, language expert and Head of Methodology at Preply, explains, "Navigating all of these complexities ... it's essential to understand these nuances and employ empathetic communication to share supportive words effectively and authentically." So let's reconsider our approach to giving encouragement, because no matter how imperfect, it turns out we could all use a little more!

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