Miriam Keo was among 11,000 people displaced after the Aug. 8 firestorm razed the historic town of Lahaina, and it led her and others to think more broadly about the role of healthy, sustainably grown food in rebuilding West Maui. Maui Hub, created during the pandemic as a market for local farmers who depend on tourism, has enough money to help a hundred or so displaced families with free groceries for the next year. A tent set up by farmer and community leader Kaipo Kekona as an ad hoc resource center is now a small 'city' where locals can “shop” for free groceries, including fresh produce from island farmers – and used clothes, books and toys, haircuts, acupuncture and massage therapy. Almost 25,000 people were served between October and December 2023 and about 150 people still come each day.

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