Jose Garcia was hauling a load of goats to his California dairy farm when he hit a huge snowstorm driving through Utah; traffic was at a standstill. He panicked as hours ticked by with no movement on the freeway. The goats needed to be milked every 12 hours or their udders would become painfully swollen and possible infected. “I was right on the 12-hour mark,” Garcia said. When traffic got moving, Garcia learned there was a livestock supply store about an hour away. He headed there, explained his situation, and asked store employee Lisa Fernandez if she would help him milk the goats. She agreed, even contacting several store employees to see if they would come help with the massive milking operation. Within 30 minutes, about 40 people showed up to help on a chilly night, even though the vast majority had never milked a goat before. By 11:15 PM all 50 goats had been milked, and Garcia was able to get back on the road to California. Garcia was surprised so many people were willing to come out on a cold night to help a stranger. “It would have taken me hours to do this alone. They got me out of a huge jam, and I now consider them all friends,” he said.

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