While you never know what food you’ll get at one of the 120 UK hubs run by The Bread and Butter Thing, you will get a friendly chat and lots of cups of tea and if you want, expertise in a variety of areas. More than 100 tonnes of perfectly edible food is saved each week (equal to 1m meals a month) and the 75,000 members collectively save £4.8m every year. 'It's about creating routes out of poverty and building strong comunities,' says CEO Mark Game. “Over 80% of our members have previously had to skip meals to feed their families. Now, most save at least £25 a week on their food budgets, with the added benefits of better quality and a bigger variety of food.” Each customer gets three bags for £8.50: one full of fruit and veg, one of chilled goods and one of cupboard staples. The products are often worth well over £35. In 2022, it supported 14,000 households out of crisis.

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