Isaiah Hofer, a Canadian farmer, had a dilemma: What should he do with the nearly 10 million pounds of surplus potatoes he had after a bumper crop in 2023. Coincidentally, around the same time, he learned about a nonprofit called the Farmlink Project. Farmlink works to rescue food that is at risk of going to waste and gets it into the mouths and bellies of people who need it. Farmlink, thanks to Hofer and another Manitoba farmer, ended up with 12 million pounds of potatoes to give away. Dividing the haul into smaller lots of 40,000 pounds of potatoes, they had to find organizations that could receive and redistribute the spuds to hungry Canadians. Organizations like Foodsharing Ottawa undertook the task of handling that volume of food and were able to give away 40,000 pounds of potatoes in just 9 days. Everyone involved in the effort felt the importance of what they were doing. “The Great Ottawa Potato Rescue,” as it was dubbed, was a resounding success.

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