Imperative Global, a Singapore-headquartered developer of carbon credit projects, is leading an initiative to restore a native succulent over 100,000 ha (ha= hectare. One hectare equals 2.471 acres or 10,000 square meters) of land in South Africa by 2030. The project comes amid a growing call from the United Nations for the private sector to get involved in nature conservation. In the past, up to 5 million ha of the Eastern Cape was covered by dense shrublands dominated by spekboom plants, which absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere faster than most other trees in arid conditions. But decades of farming and excessive grazing by cattle and goats have degraded the land. The entire project is estimated to remove more than 30 million tonnes (tons) of carbon dioxide – equal to the greenhouse gas emissions of 10 million to 15 million cars – over 40 years, and will create 1,000 jobs for the Eastern and Western Cape provinces.

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