Jason Cooper, of Colorado, US, is a fossil hunter and he lives in a good place for it; when he goes for a stroll around his property, he’s more likely than not to run into a creature from prehistoric times. A few years ago, on his birthday, he and a friend went for a stroll on Cooper’s property and came across the bones of a stegosaurus. It was enormous, in excellent condition for a beast that has been below ground for 150 million years. It's almost 11.5ft tall (3.5m) and fully 27ft from the top of its head to the tip of its scaly tail. With the help of some friends, he cleaned it up and put it back together again. The skeleton is going up for auction in New York soon and is expected to sell for $4-6 million USD. It is somewhat controversial that in the United States a fossil found on private land is the property of the landowner and they are free to sell it if they wish. He anticipates that a private collector is likely to buy it and expects that within a few years, it will be donated to an institution where many more people will be able to enjoy it.

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