Since 2020, The People’s Budget has been empowering Philadelphians to take part in the city’s yearly budget process through an art project, Mural Arts of Philadelphia. “This spring we held budget workshops in Kensington, Nicetown, and South Philly, and The People’s Budget took over the Roundtable in City Hall,” says artist Phoebe Bachman. “That was the first time in Philadelphia’s history that its citizens occupied seats of power like that.” Last year’s budget included funding for mobile crisis units, a request from the People’s Budget. The units provide non-police support services during mental health crises. This year, programs to provide $100 million in rental assistance to supplement the Eviction Diversion Program over the next two years, $2.6 million for the Office of Worker Protections, and more funding for the “Built to Last” program that repairs homes, received most of the funding that community members had requested.

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