An experiment to pay people who were homeless in Denver with no limits on how they could spend the money led to twice as many people in stable housing. More than 800 people were chosen to take part in the $9.4-million Denver Basic Income Project in November 2022. Group A got $1,000 per month for a year, Group B got $6,500 the first month and $500 for the next 11 months, and group C, the control group, got $50 per month. By 10 months, about 45% of all participants were living in a house or apartment they rented or owned. Group A and B cut by half the number of nights spent in shelters and reported an increase in full-time work, and researchers tallied an estimated $589,214 in savings on public services. Participants ranged from 18 to 86, with an average age of 44. About 34% were white, 27% Black, and 7% Indigenous or Native American.

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