Romeo Cox, a 10 year-old living in Sicily, decided to walk 2,800 kilometers (about 1,700 miles) to visit his grandmother in the UK.  He hadn’t seen his Granny for a year and a half, and during the Covid-19 lockdown, he started planning to go see her. His parents took some convincing, but Romeo says they relented after he asked them more than 50 times. Romeo planned the trip to be Covid-safe and took his dad along for good measure. His dad’s experience as a journalist working in war zones served them well during the trek, when they had to fend off wild dogs. They took some time to volunteer at a refugee camp in Northern Calais, and Romeo turned the walk into a fundraiser for the Refugee Education Across Conflicts Trust. After the 2,800 km trek, he finally got the hug from his granny that he had so longed for.

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